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The Reason Why Goals Are Necessary

January 1, 2023

It is the first day of the year and how fitting that it is on a Sunday. I am grateful that the good Lord has bless me to see another year. Like most of you, I have reflected on the past year and reviewed all the wonderful and not so wonderful things that has happened in my life in terms of faith, family, personal accomplishment, and business. I Looked at what worked and what did not work, what I did right and not so right and the areas I need to work harder to strengthen.

Now I am in 2023 and yes, I have a new set of goals along with a few from 2022 that I did not meet and that is ok.


A close friend of mine asked me why I am setting goals because in her eyes it’s pointless. Yes, there are a lot of us who do not fulfill most of the goals set at the beginning of the year, but the truth is we might not have reached some of our goals, but we are a lot further ahead because we have set those goals. Sometime the point is not the result but the journey to getting there.

Maybe you wanted to be able to do a two-mile run in a certain time or write a book by a certain date last year but only was able to run a mile and half or write two thirds of the book. The fact is without setting that goal you would still be thinking about starting instead of doing. So, while you might not have reached your goal you are much closer than you were a year ago.

Remember with a new year comes new opportunities and a fresh start. Having a goal is a must as well as a plan to reaching those goals. Good intentions get you nowhere and keep you on the sidelines

So, for 2023 make sure your goals are:

1. Specific

2. Measurable

3. Has a time limit

4. And most importantly make sure you have a goal, and it is written down

What are you goals for 2023 list them here and hold yourself accountable. God Bless


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