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Brown Financial Solutions, LLC. promises to work with clients on establishing an emergency fund, pay off debt, and create a spending plan that gets them organized and holds them accountable for managing their day-to-day expenses, allowing them to allocate money to wealth-building vehicles, like savings and investments.

Virtual Coaching

Man Using a Tablet

Brown prides itself on maintaining the utmost in integrity, objectivity, honesty, and confidentiality.

Book a one-on-one virtual coaching session: This is a collaborative session. There is no one-size fits all approach to determine your spending pain points. What is holding you back? 

Full Financial Analysis Multi-Part Session


At Brown we teach a (wo)man to fish — we don’t just give the fish away (as the old adage attests). 

During our session we will review your spending habits, address your money mindset, determine your current financial status, track income and expenses and develop a plan for an emergency fund and savings strategy.

Tailored Plans for All Circumstances

Young Designer

Brown believes that everyone is capable of achieving financial independence.

With this option Brown helps create tailored plans for all circumstances (home-buying, retirement, education-planning) — 6 Progress reviews included

Group Sessions


Presenting Brown Financial Solutions

Petra-Ann will address a group setting offering expert over-arching financial advice that applies to broader audiences. 

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