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Empowering clients to grow their money with confidence

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Located in Greater Hartford, Brown Financial Solutions provides unique, one-on-one financial education and encouragement to industrious clients working to balance their budget. By helping reduce their financial stress and confusion about why money matters can be overwhelming, Brown Financial Solutions doesn’t just fix financial woes, it empowers clients to grow their money with confidence; thereby helping individuals reach hard-earned, heartfelt goals like: saving up for a home, paying off debt, and saving for their children’s college, etc.

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Brown Financial Solutions, LLC (BFS) is a female-owned, financial coaching firm. It aims to help hard-working, well-intentioned clients gain financial freedom instead of struggling to get by. Founder Petra-Ann Brown has over a decade of experience as a Financial Examiner for the State of Connecticut and as a teacher for Upward Bound, providing financial advice to help students secure their future. Equipped with a Master’s Degree in Business Management and training in Financial Coaching, in addition to overcoming her own money matters, Petra-Ann is well-prepared to usher others into smarter money strategies. With the support of Brown Financial Solutions clients will finally reach their goals, and feel comfortable and confident with their finances. 

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Mission Statement

Brown Financial Solutions, LLC’s mission is to help hard-working, well-intended individuals gain financial freedom.

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Mamadou & Stephanie

“It started out as an informal conversation about bills and how it felt like we would never take a family vacation. Needless to say she explained the debt snowball, and that we should create and abide by a budget. That information put us on a path to paying off all of our debt sooner than later. Being debt free was no longer a hope it was an attainable goal. THANK YOU so much for getting us on the path to being FREE FROM DEBT.”

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